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On an expansive floor plan of a spacious apartment in Miami, the “room in a room” concept proved to be an ideal planning approach for positioning the kitchen in an open space and using it as the starting point for shaping the living area.

Timeless elegance in the combination of elegant marble and genuine wood veneer fronts with a dark, slightly “smoky” look. The great planning variety makes it possible to fulfil the client‘s every desire. The interior of the walk-in room was designed with particular attention to detail, everything to cater to personal requirements.

2_PH2 Stoppi 12A9735.jpg


The “room in a room” is designed to suit individual specifications. It reveals its full potential when the doors are open: plenty of storage space and the elegant integration of appliances and the sink.

The loft is characterized by clean lines, large-size picture windows and a calm atmosphere. The individually designed “room in a room” offers the possibility to get down to details. It can be used as a functional space – or as a treasure trove for favorite pieces.



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